American Vacation II

Crisis, like the one in this second vacation segment, happen to you every day... but maybe not to the degree we experienced.

From this one are 2 simple lessons that are key to making meaningful contributions and living a prosperous life in the midst of chaos… this ain’t Pollyanna rhetoric either (2:15 min).

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American Vacation I

Several times we’ve called our recent vacation a gong show. A lot happened and there were no shortage of opportunities to be grateful.

This is the first of a couple musings about our American Vacation… this one underscores a very basic universal truth about gratitude (2:31 min).

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The Problem with Gratitude

Can’t believe it took 7 years to figure this out! Although I was unaware of the problem, I’ve known all about the benefits of being grateful - a list which continues to grow.

So if you’ve ever wondered if there was a problem with gratitude, then I hope you watch. And if you’re in any way hesitant to follow through with the simple challenge at the end… guess what? You’ve got your proof we found the problem (1:45 min).

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Cheap Hi-Test Fuel

Is it wishful thinking to imagine the price of gasoline at 20 cents per litre (or ~ 80 cents a gallon)?

I can’t help you with cheap fuel for your car but I’ve got the fuel for your mind…  and it’s the cheapest hi-test fuel you’ll find anywhere… gratitude. Might sound too simple but gratitude is connected to a plethora (that means “a lot”) of the factors that are needed to have a life of purpose.

Anyhow, you must watch this month’s musing so you’ll know the long-term reason to institute a gratitude practice (1:36 min).

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Eye of the Tiger – Big Mistake

Much can be said about focus and the benefits of having the Eye of the Tiger.  A word of caution… it could lead to your demise.

Avoid making the Big Mistakes - watch, listen and use the tips in the guide.

There’s a lot packed into this month’s message. Even with the learning guide, we’re just scratching the surface. Hope you enjoy [Eye of the Tiger - Big Mistake Learning Guide] (2:07 min).

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